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Many of your company's ambitious goals demand custom software solutions and after sales service. We at Inra have built a company expressly for the purpose of satisfying your application development and services needs. We are a team of inventors out to take over the digital world. Instead of using guns and laser beams we use weapons like software and surveillance services to make killer web product that are meant to knock out our competitors and establish a new wave of innovation in the industry.

Our Services

  • Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design Services that Improve the Website Viewing Experience .We Go beyond the traditional boundaries of web and explore a whole new world of Responsive Web Designs , Designed to perfectly fit any browser operated device because as said "with a mobile friendly website everyone is your potential client"

  • Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Our mobile and application development services help you address the evolving market challenges by defining, designing and building applications tailored to meet your specific business requirements.

  • Web Development

Web Development

As truly said it can only commence but cannot be finished or you can say there is no step where you can say it is completely done. It needs to be evolved with time according to functional requirements. That is why it is called development instead of production. Simple or complex, just name it and our tech team will hop on their coding chopper riding all the way down to provide you with the best user interface solution . They might as well leave your expected milestone behind!

  • CCTV Camera

Smart City Surveillance

INRA is a smart, modern take on video security for your business. INRA provides a complete system of HD cameras, secure cloud storage and intuitive mobile apps to deliver a seamless experience for monitoring what matters most. Recordings are securely sent to the cloud for storage and easy access from your mobile device or computer..

  • Prototyping


Even the most powerful, comprehensive, and reliable software solutions can fall short of success without an intuitive design and a pleasant user experience. Inra can help you walk that extra mile. Our seasoned team of designers and Business analyst work hand-in-hand to bring you a finished product that is both easy on the eyes and seamlessly functional, resulting in a well- rounded digital user experience

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Our Team

Tanuj Varshney


Inder Preeta

Operations Head

Tejinder Singh


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