About Inra

Many of your company’s ambitious goals demand custom software solutions and after sales service. We at Inra have built a company expressly for the purpose of satisfying your application development and services needs. We are a team of inventors out to take over the digital world. Instead of using guns and laser beams we use weapons like software and surveillance services to make killer web product that are meant to knock out our competitors and establish a new wave of innovation in the industry.

Our Services

  • Software Development

Software Development

  • Document processing and Data Entry

Document processing and Data Entry

  • Security Surveillance

Security Surveillance

Our Portfolio

  • Software development
  • Security Surveillance

Our Team





Johnny Cage


Max Payne


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Whether your brand needs to be designed from scratch, rebranded or you need assistance desiging, Planning and structuring your website, I can help you.

  • INRA Security System, 2nd Floor,
    Arya bhavan, Near Thodo Ground, Solan,
    H.P - 173212

  • +91 981 517 7095

  • info@inra.co.in